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After hundreds of requests (okay, four) here it is.
My long-awaited website. Here you'll find everything you've
always wanted to know about me and my ...

Jaine Austen Mysteries

...starring freelance writer/amateur sleuth Jaine Austen and her fearless cat Prozac...

Shameless plug for my new book:

Murder Buys A One-Way Tikcet

A stirring saga of murder, mayhem, and romance on the rails!

“I particularly liked the scenes with the cat.” –Prozac

And don’t forget about…:

  Death By Smoothie

“Laura Levine give us exactly what the world needs—humor…”
Wonder Women Sixty

The book that started it all!
Jaine's very first mystery with a spiffy new cover:

This Pen for Hire

Nice things people have said about me and Jaine:
"When Jaine applies her abrasive wit to such California tribal customs as power-shopping
and husband-stealing, the girl can really dish it out"
The New York Times Book Review

“Levine’s series gets smarter with each book. Her dialogue is realistic yet hilarious,
and her vivid characters jump off the page.”—
Romantic Times

“When it comes to cozy, chick-lit comedy-mysteries, Laura Levine is without equal
—a shining star on the literary horizon—and I’m not just saying that because
I’m her husband and she paid me five bucks.”
Mark Lacter (aka Mr. Hubby)

Some of Jaine's adventures are now available for your listening pleasure at Audible.com
and at Dreamscape Audio Books!

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